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A Guy's Guide to Getting Ripped

Gained the Freshman 15?

Can't see the abs you had back in high school?

Want to go to the gym, but just can't get motivated to do so?

Go to the gym, but not sure what you are doing is actually working?



Check out these testimonials:

Tom Kallal - University Of Arkansas

"If you want to enjoy your college years (even when you're getting your drank on/raging) this is a great guide. Alex breaks down everything you need to know from a great college diet to college workouts to supplements. He even explains how to make sure your drinking habits don't ruin your physique. Read it" 

Tom's transformation is truly incredible and he deserves credit for his incredible hard work and discipline. 

Consistency and Percistancy- That leads to a ridiculous 6-pack, apparently. 

 Ricky Jameson - Texas A&M University

"Simple, powerful, and effective. The Ultimate Fitness Guide For College Guys is by far the most practical guide to getting ripped. I've seen improvements after just the first week of trying the book's techniques. Now, I have abs for the first time in my life! If you want to get ripped and still enjoy your time in college, buy this book right now."


Even More Testimonials

"As a college athlete, I've spent the past four years thinking constantly about how to take my fitness to the next level. I kid you not: Alex Nerney's, Utimate Fitness Guide For College Guys, is the most powerful, helpful, relatable guide I've ever come across, and the scientific basis made complete sense. I started using his advice the day I read it and already see results. Who knew college workouts and college diets could be explained that simply? One-of-a-kind; seriously don't waste your time with anything else." - Jordan O'Neal, Wheaton

 "The Ultimate Fitness Guide For College Guys is as real as it gets. Simple, to the point, plenty of guy humor, and reachs a lot of people. Definitely worth the read. All in all, I put it on the baller scale and it lands somewhere between ballerific and being a first-class baller." - Logan Kendrick, Texas A&M University

"Engaging, relative, honest, and personal are how I would describe The Ultimate Fitness Guide For College Guys. I spent most of my college years playing football and can attest that the information here is both powerful and effective. On top of all that, it was really easy to read." - Evan Benet, Texas Tech University

"First of all, Thank You!!! I always believed that if I worked out it would make up for my lack of dieting... Now, after only two days of the college diet, I am feeling better and looking better." - Thomas Benz, FGCU

What's in The Ultimate Fitness Guide For College Guys?

3 books comprise to make The Ultimate Fitness Guide for College Guys. Topics range from- how to drink without it ruining your body to breaking down your individual body type for maximum results. EVERYTHING IS COVERED

 Don't worry, there's plenty of humor and Helen Keller jokes (it's ok, she'll never see them), that makes the program an easy read. 

The Guy's Guide to Getting Ripped ($50 Value)

  • The best college diet and workout program on the planet
  • The ultimate guide to alcohol (YES you can still drink and get ripped)
  • The top 10 fast food choices
  • How to boost your testosterone to ridiculous levels, naturally
  • Spring break workouts
  • The only supplements you need and how to take them.
  • Breaking down your body type with specific diets and supplements customized for you
  • Lots More

Grocery Shopping and Cooking Guide ($30 Value)
  • The ultimate guide to cooking for college students
  • Best sources of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats
  • The 5 cooking utensils you need
  • The best spices and combinations
  • Complementary videos to help you cook
  • Cooking in bulk to save time and money
  • The grocery short list to help you shop
  • The places to shop that will save you money

Simplified Nutrition, THE CHEAT SHEET ($10 Value)
  • World's most basic outline of rules
  • Hangover Cure
  • What to drink
  • 5 unbreakable rules of dieting
  • 8 best sources for carbohydrates, proteins, and fats

This book was made as a simple reminder and flip through. You will want to refresh yourself on the concepts learned in the books and this is a simple way to do that without re-reading both books!


110% 60-Day Money Back Garuntee

I have poured hours of my heart and soul into both these books and this website. If you are not seeing results, I'll give your money back and some for your time.  

If you are on the fence about buying this book, I want you to know that if you are able to request a refund if you are dissatisfied for any reason within the first 60-days of purchase. I’ll gladly issue you a 110% refundAll I ask is that you give the program a chance for at least a month and then decide if it’s working or not.

I want you be happy and experience the kind of awesome ride I had in college. 
Like I said before, my goal is to get you results, not take your money. 


Alright Alex, what's this going to cost me?


You Have 2 Options 

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 Includes 1 Program:

  • A Guy's Guide to Getting Ripped $50

Cost: $18

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       The Premium ($90.00 Value)

Includes All 3 Programs:

  • A Guy's Guide to Getting Ripped $50
  • Grocery Shopping Guide $30
  • Simplified Nutrition $10  

       Cost: $19 

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