Burn fat, tone up, get a get a gorgeous boy

The Utlimate College Girl's Fitness Guide.

Gained the Freshman 15?

Miss your high school body?

Go to the gym, but do not know what you are doing?

Not sure where to start other than spending time on the elliptical?



I'm here for ya. My name is Alex, and I want to help get you get an amazing body. My first and favorite clients were sorority girl's who went to my college. I have also trained moms, D1 Athletes, and many more. 

Here's My Story:

Basically, when I arrived at college, I was not happy with my body.  

Because I was built like a k'nex toy set, I decided I would start learning everything about the body and what I could do about this problem. It was frustrating as hell being one of the hardest working guys in the gym and looking like one of the weakest. I was a great athlete, but my body never seemed to match up.  

I played college football and after I decided to leave (Why? White wide recievers rarely get "advancement" opportunities), I found myself still waking up early and heading to the gym.

Like walking up at 6am and working out before classes. My friends thought I was crazy...

I decided to started reading and devouring every piece of fitness information I could get my hands on. Finally, after hours of trial and error, I figured out the key components to transforming my body and my results started to shock people. 

From there, I started training some sorority girls I knew, then athletes, and eventually had a full schedule of rich business owners in the area. Now it's my profession and my passion. 

I'll be the first to admit that I have average genetics as far as physique is concerned. But those limitations forced me to seek after great advice and information. This information is what I use today to change my client's lives and is the same information in my books. 

Here's Laura's story:

Laura Parker - JBU

“June 2012 I had a conversation with Alex about how the topics in The Ultimate College Girl's Fitness Guide. In that one conversation he sat me down and told me a handful of simple and helpful hints. That was all it took. From June to December, I lost 24lbs of excess fat. Since then, I have kept the crap weight off and I am now building tonality and muscle that I’m proud of. That kind of simplicity is what this program offers. It is practical, engaging, and insightful. Alex’s certifications combined with countless hours put into studying what does and doesn’t work shows in this book. He’s done the hard part, so start reading, and get fit!”

Laura's transformation is truly incredible and she deserves credit for his incredible hard work and discipline. 

 Amanda Schoenbaum - University of Arkansas


"Being involved in college athletes for 7 years, I’m constantly on the hunt for further understanding of fitness. I learned new things with every page I laughed through! Witty and insightful, The Ultimate College Girl's Fitness Guide is a hilarious and practical guide to getting and staying fit in the real world. A refreshing approach to women’s fitness with explanations that you can actually understand! Looking to understand how and why diet and exercise effect your body so you actually see results? Look no further! Buy, read, learn, apply, get fit!" 







Even More Testimonials

The Ultimate College Girl's Fitness Guide is exactly what Alex taught me during our time in college together. The college workouts I received with Alex were incredibly beneficial. I saw big changes in my body and lost those last 10 stubborn pounds that are so hard to lose! He is a great motivator and challenged me to push myself further than my comfort zone. The workouts he had me do were incredibly effective, and it was so helpful to have him as guidance and support. He inspires me to keep up with my workouts and lead a healthier life. - Landrey White, University of Arkansas

Testimonial from a client I trained in college - "I really enjoyed working out with Alex the past year. It doesn't take long before he becomes more than just your trainer, but also one of your really good friends. He makes working out fun by coming up with lots of different things you can do instead of the same thing every time. He's also good at knowing just how hard he can push you and what you're capable of."  - Alex Sheppard, University of Arkansas

Client and Business owner I trained - "By January 2012, I was bogged down in raising 3 kids and running my busy vet clinic. In the meantime, I had gained weight, was eating poorly, and felt nothing like my previously athletic self. I decided to bring in a trainer to turn things around. Alex was a professional from the moment that I met him. He wanted to know about me and my goals and he helped me to pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses. He is more than a trainer.... He is a motivator, a nutrition counselor, and a friend.  He has helped me to refocus my eating habits and our training sessions  have helped me achieve a return to my former athleticism and strength. I lost 15 pounds in the first 3 months and feel so much better about myself and my abilities. Alex's workouts are constantly changing to reflect the increases in my duration and strength as well as to keep things lively and challenging. Alex has been reliable and motivational and I would AND HAVE recommended him to all of my friends!"  - Romy Core, Business Owner

Another client in college - "I really liked working out with Alex. He was a great trainer, and also a great friend! He makes working out fun but knows how to push you hard. He made me look forward to working out, which helped me a lot because I used to not have very much motivation to work out! I have learned a lot from him and am very thankful for the time we trained together!" - Whitney White - Unversity of Arkansas

What's in The Ultimate Fitness Guide For College Girls?

3 books comprise to make The Ultimate Fitness Guide for College Girls. Topics range from- how to drink without it ruining your body to breaking down your individual body type for maximum results. EVERYTHING IS COVERED

 Don't worry, there's plenty of humor and Helen Keller jokes (it's ok, she'll never see them), that makes the program an easy read. 

The Girls's Guide to Gorgeous Body ($50 Value)

  • The best college diet and workout program on the planet
  • The ultimate guide to alcohol (YES you can still drink and have a great body)
  • The top 10 fast food choices
  • The beginner guide to lifting weights 
  • Spring break workouts
  • The only supplements you need, how to take them, and what they do.
  • Breaking down your body type with specific diets and supplements customized --for you
  • Lots More

Grocery Shopping and Cooking Guide ($30 Value)
  • The ultimate guide to cooking for college students
  • Best sources of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats
  • The 5 cooking utensils you need
  • The best spices and combinations
  • Complementary videos to help you cook
  • Cooking in bulk to save time and money
  • The grocery short list to help you shop
  • The places to shop that will save you money

Simplified Nutrition, THE CHEAT SHEET ($10 Value)
  • World's most basic outline of rules
  • Hangover Cure
  • What to drink
  • 5 unbreakable rules of dieting
  • 8 best sources for carbohydrates, proteins, and fats

This book was made as a simple reminder and flip through. You will want to refresh yourself on the concepts learned in the books and this is a simple way to do that without re-reading both books!


110% 60-Day Money Back Garuntee

I have poured hours of my heart and soul into both this book and this website. If you're not seeing results, I'll give you your money back and some for your time. 

If you are on the fence about buying this book, I want you to know that if you are able to request a refund if you are dissatisfied for any reason within the first 60-days of purchase. I’ll gladly issue you a 110% refundAll I ask is that you give the program a chance for at least a month and then decide if it’s working or not.

I want you be happy and experience the kind of awesome ride I had in college. 
Like I said before, my goal is to get you results, not take your money. 


Alright Alex, what's this going to cost me?

You Have 3 Options 

The Basic ($50 Value)

Includes 1 Program:


  • A Girl's Guide to Gorgeous Bod$50

Cost: $18

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The Premium ($90.00 Value)

Includes All 3 Programs:

  • A Girl's Guide to Gorgeous Body $50
  • Grocery Shopping Guide $30
  • Simplified Nutrition $10

                                  Cost: $19      

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PSS - Comes with a 30-day 100% money back garuntee. My goal is to help you succeed and if that is not this e-book, I will help you find something that works for you.